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Submission Guidelines

In order to respect the experiences and sensitivities of others who may be reading this blog, and out of regard for the health and well-being of cancer patients currently under medical supervision, please keep the following in mind:

  • stories can mention or neutrally describe medical treatment, but absolutely cannot advocate any form of medical treatment or offer medical advice;
  • stories must stay within the good taste guidelines of the Foundation;
  • we will not publish photos with nudity;
  • stories about government health care funding or health care policies will not be published;
  • stories about unreleated events will not be published.

Please note that we sometimes publish stories which mention (without taking a stand on) medical procedures, treatments, or institutions; developments in breast cancer treatment or news about breast cancer; other organization and agencies; and people (such as physicians, medical researchers, or newsworthy figures) who are not officially affiliated with SAC. We do so when we find them interesting and think that SAC readers might as well, but these references are provided solely for informational purposes and do not constitute official endorsement. All opinions expressed in the stories on SAC’s website are those of the individual authors and not SAC, and copyright of all stories remains with their original authors.

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